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About the Mobile Museum

Since 2012, the 'Living National Treasures' Museum has cooperated with local community service in the running of 'The Mobile Museum'. 'The Mobile Museum' is a special museum project: free of charge, we transport artworks around the country, and exhibit them in public buildings such as schools and community centers where there are no local museums nearby. Our goals are to revitalize the artistic life of those parts of Japan whose infrastructure has been damaged by natural disasters, such as earthquakes, and/or by economic recession, and to provide opportunities for adults and children that do not visit museums very often to experience authentic works of art in a familiar local setting.

During our last visit to Ofunato-city in Iwate prefecture, more than 3,000 people visited our mobile museum in the space of two days.

Admission is free: please feel free to drop by.
We understand that some people may feel reluctant to visit conventional museums even though they have some interest in art. We will be happy to help you with explanations and interpretations of artworks, as needed. Please take advantage of these less formal opportunities to come into contact with artwork in familiar surroundings.
They viewed at first hand works by famous artists.
They viewed at first hand works by famous artists, including Taro Okamoto, Picasso and Renoir, works that are usually only viewable in books or arts magazines. Experiencing original art works close up offers so much more than can ever be shown in a printed reproduction: by coming to the exhibitions, visitors were able to see the actual size of the pieces, the shades and textures of the materials used, and experience the intangible energies of genuine art.
The mobile museum: past showings

Period of exhibition

the venue for the exhibition

Joint sponsor and support

The number
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February 2-5, 2012

Hakodate Municipal Matoba junior high school
(Hakodate city, Hokkaido)

The Board of Education of Hakodate city


February 16-18, 2013

Kawagoe Municipal Fukuhara junior high school
(Kawagoe city, Saitama)

The city of Kawagoe,
the Board of Education of Kawagoe city



February 1-2, 2014

Sayama Municipal Museum
(Sayama city, Saitama)

the Board of Education of Sayama city


As a support for
the areas affected
by the Great East
Japan Earthquake

April 11-16, 2014

Ofunato city civic culture center
(Ofunato city, Iwate)

The city of Ofunato, NHK, etc.


Organization information

- Name : The 'Living National Treasures' Museum, (Curator: Yoshiaki Yabe)

- Location : 3-16-1 Ugawara-cho chūō, Kanagawa 259-0301

- Opening Hours : 9:30am-5:00pm (Last admission at 4:30pm)

- E-mail : nikobi@i-younet.ne.jp

- Opening Hours : 9:30am-5:00pm (Last admission at 4:30pm)

- Opening Days : Open daily

- Admission :

Adults : 1,000yen

School children (Elementary, Junior High and High School Students) : 200 yen

- Exhibitions:

exhibition galleries (Second-Fourth floors)

Japanese Green Tea Area

Museum shop